Friday, 3 August 2012

LRZTP6 will officially start in two months time from now! It is a great joy to be able to share these great news with all of you.

So far 18 students have registered for the course, with 14 of them committed to train as FPMT interpreters, and 3 as freelancers. With a group of students from many diverse cultures and languages (UK, USA, Israel, Singapore, Russia, Chile, Netherlands, Australia etc.) extremely motivated and enthusiastic, this upcoming program promises to be rich and interactive. Our aim is to provide students of LRZTP6 with an immersive learning experience of the Tibetan culture and language through visits, workshops, guest speakers, and momo parties! As well as daily classes and sessions with conversation partners, collective viewing and discussing of documentaries and Dharma teachings will also be used to further students’ interest and knowledge.

We kept the tuition fees as low as possible in order to reach out to all motivated interpreters to be, we therefore welcome any financial help to sustain the program. The creation of a new website is a work in progress and will incorporate new features such as a calendar for events and schedule, downloadable material, learning tools and all related information.

We look forward to contributing to the preservation of the Mahayana Tradition through high quality training of Dharma interpreters from Tibetan into many languages to spread the teachings of Lord Buddha, the source of happiness, all over the world!

Claire Yeshe Barde
Director LRZTP6

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